Friday, September 27, 2019

Stoneburner The Belligerence Tour!

Stoneburner - The Belligerence Tour 2019

Thurs Oct 24 Detroit MI @ Smalls
Sat Oct 26 Private Lecture
Sun Oct 27 Toronto ON @ Bovine Sex Club
Mon Oct 28 Boston @ Wonderbar
Wed Oct 30 Pittsburgh Pa @ Howlers
Thurs Oct 31 Cincinnati OH @ Mixwells
Fri Nov 1 Kalamazoo MI @ Shakespeares Pub
Sat Nov 2 Milwaukee WI @ Club Anything
Sun Nov 3 Chicago WI  @ Underground Lounge
Tue Nov 5 Madison WI @ Crucible 
Thurs Nov 7 Minneapolis MN @ The Red Sea
Sun Nov 10 KC MO @ The Riot Room
Mon Nov 11 St. Louis MO @ The Crack Fox
Wed Nov 13 TBA TX
Thurs Nov 14 Austin TX @ Texas Mist
Fri Nov 15 San Antonio @ The Amp Room
Sun Nov 17 New Orleans @ The Goat
Mon Nov 18 Tallahassee @ 926 Bar & Grill
Wed Nov 20 Knoxville @ The Concourse
Fri Nov 22 Nashville @ The East Room
Thurs Nov 28 West Palm Beach @ Respectable street
Fri Nov 29 Jacksonville Bay Street bash
Mon Dec 2 Raleigh NC @ Legends
Fri Dec 6 Richmond VA @ Fallout
Sat Dec 7 Charlottesville @ Holly’s Diner

Sun 8 DC @ The Pie Shop

Tuesday, June 04, 2019


6.20 Ego Likeness @ Small’s, Detroit MI

6.21 Ego Likeness w Bellhead, Turing Heat, Steve Silver @ LiveWire Lounge, Chicago IL

6.25- 6.29 Ego Likeness @ Mechanismus, Seattle WA

EL performs THU 6.27 and Steven will be joining some other bands on stage throughout

7.12 The new Stoneburner album ‘Technology Implies Belligerence’ official release on NGP

7.17 Donna’s newest poetry collection ‘Choking Back the Devil’ release from Raw Dog Screaming Press

9.28- 10.5 Ego Likeness performs on The Gothic Cruise w Das Ich, Grendel, FGFC820, and The Rain Within

Watch for more Stoneburner dates in Oct/ Nov

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Upcoming Shows

w special guests Abbey Death
and featuring Caroline Blind* (on select dates)

October 25th Richmond VA @ Fallout
October 26th Columbus OH @ The Shrunken Head 
October 28th Allston MA @ Wonderbar
October 30th Albany NY @ The Fuze Box

October 31st Philadelphia PA @ Trocadero Theater~ EL opening for Clan of Xymox w Curse Mackey at Dracula’s Ball 

November 2nd Indianapolis IN @ Black Circle Brewing Co
November 3rd Milwaukee WI @ Club Anything
November 4th Minneapolis MN @ Red Sea Lounge
November 5th St Louis MO @ The Crack Fox
November 7th Denver CO @ 3 Kings Tavern
*November 9th Salt Lake City UT @ Area 51
*November 10th Boise ID @ The Shredder
*November 12th Seattle WA @ Mechanismus @ Highline
*November 13th Portland OR @ Paris Theatre 
*November 15th San Francisco CA @ Elbo Room
November 19th Austin TX @ Elysium 
November 20th New Orleans LA @ The Goat  
November 21st Atlanta GA @ Sedition Atlanta
November 22nd Tallahassee FL @ 926 
November 23nd Nashville TN @ The East Room
November 25th Baltimore MD @ Metro Gallery

Print version available here-


March 29th- 31st 
Ego Likeness & Stoneburner @ Dark Side of the Con 3, Parsippany NJ

May 9th- 12th 
Steven & Donna attending Stoker Con with Raw Dog Screaming Press, 
Grand Rapids MI 

September 28th- October 5th
The Gothic Cruise w Das Ich, Grendel, FGFC820, Ego Likeness, The Rain Within 
aboard the Carnival Conquest, Miami FL-Grand Turk - TCI-San Juan Pr-St Thomas USVI-  Amber Cove DR

Friday, January 19, 2018


3/1- 3/4 Steven & Donna attending/ vending at Stoker Con @ The Biltmore, Providence RI
3/14 Clan of Xymox w Stoneburner @ ONCE, Boston MA
3/16- 3/18 Ego Likeness & Stoneburner @
The Dark Side of the Con, Piscataway NJ
4/27- 4/29 Ego Likeness @ Convergence XXIV, Detroit MI
5/29 Suicide commando, Die Sektor w/Stoneburner @ Fallout, Richmond VA
6/12 Stoneburner @ Goth Night, Charlottesville VA
6/23 Stoneburner @ Elysium, Austin TX
6/29 Stoneburner @ ES5, Bar XIII Wilmington DE

9/22- 9/29 The Gothic Cruise w The Birthday Massacre, Diary of Dreams, ivardensphere, The Rain Within, & Stoneburner


3/29-3/31 Ego Likeness & Stoneburner @
The Dark Side of the Con, Parsippany NJ


The follow up book to Daughters of Lilith, this new collaboration of paintings, poems, and short stories is now available for pre-order through Raw Dog Screaming Press

Friday, August 11, 2017

So Many Shows!

8/17 THU STABBING WESTWARD w EGO LIKENESS @ Baltimore Soundstage, Baltimore MD
Both performances are on Thursday night in the Centennial Ballroom
We will be vending Thu- Sun morning
9/7 THU Bar XIII, Wilmington DE w Rodney Anonymous' awesome solo project that I don't know the name of
9/8 FRI Symposium, Cleveland OH
9/9 SAT Underground Lounge, Chicago IL
9/10 SUN Club Anything, Milwaukee WI
9/13 WED The Shredder, Boise ID
9/14 THU Highline, Seattle WA
9/15 FRI Lovecraft Bar, Portland OR
9/16 SAT The Colony, Sacramento CA
w Wiccid
9/17 SUN The Box, Santa Cruz CA
9/23 SAT - 9/30 SAT
THE GOTHIC CRUISE w Covenant, Haujobb, Lights of Euphoria, Hopeful Machines, Stoneburner
LA, CA-Cabo San Lucas-Puerto Vallarta
10/3 TUES The Rogue Bar, Phoenix AZ
10/4 WED Neon Rose, El Paso TX
10/5 THU The Amp Room, San Antonio TX
10/7 SAT Elysium, Austin TX
opening for Lights of Euphoria
10/9 MON Blue Mondays, Tallahassee FL
10/10 TUES The Drunken Unicorn, Atlanta GA
10/11 WED Goth Night, Charlottesville VA
10/13 FRI Fallout, Richmond VA w FIRES
10/14 SAT Spellbound, Washington DC
10/29 SUN TBA
11/1 WED TBA

Monday, May 01, 2017

Upcoming events!

4.30 Architect/ Distorted Retrospect/ ::Hopeful Machines:: at Metro Gallery, Baltimore MD
5.5 Ego Likeness at Steampunk World's Fair, Embassy Suites, Piscataway-Somerset NJ
*EL plays at 11pm & will be vending all weekend
5.9 Stoneburner at Goth Night, Charlottesville VA
5.26- 5.27 Stoneburner & Ego Likeness at Quarantine Festival, Prohibition Hall, Kansas City MO
5.29 Stoneburner & Ego Likeness at The Crack Fox, St Louis MO
5.31 Stoneburner & Ego Likeness at Small's, Detroit MI
6.1 Stoneburner & Ego Likeness at DF/ Darkotica at The Dock Complex, Cincinnati OH
6.2- 6.3 Stoneburner & Ego Likeness at Sanctuary Festival, Club Anything, Milwaukee WI
6.4 Stoneburner & Ego Likeness at Club Underground, Minneapolis MN
6.23 VAC/ Stoneburner/ Nahja Mora at The Ottobar, Baltimore MD

7.7 Stoneburner & Distorted Retrospect at The Happy Goat Coffee Company, Ottawa, Canada
7.8 Stoneburner & Distorted Retrospect at Club 120, Toronto, Canada
9.23- 9.30 ::HM:: performs on The Gothic Cruise 2017, Los Angeles, Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallerta

More to come in October...6- 5.27 Stoneburner & Ego Likeness at Quarantine Festival, Prohibition Hall, Kansas City MO

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

From Steven,

In case you missed it, I have a patreon account set up.

I *hate* the idea of asking for money, I have always felt that if you create art that matters to people, you can make enough sales to survive. And we managed to prove that for *many* years. However, due to Donna's illnesses, bills are piling up, and at this point, the art, music, writing, etc, is our only way of bringing in money, which for the most part puts it squarely on my shoulders.

It's one thing for an artist of reasonable skill and ridiculous work ethic to provide 50-75% of a household income. Because there's always that remaining percentage you can fall back on if you don't meet your goal for that month. It's an entirely other thing now that I have to cover 100% of our bills and cost of living selling art.

Because I'm pigheaded and I believe in both the quality of my work and the taste and loyalty of our fan base, I hesitate to say that it's impossible to accomplish without something like patrieon, but I will say it's very difficult.

The problem is that it's not just about finding people to buy your work, you have do all of the marketing *while* you are making it.
For instance, I spent pretty much all day in the studio mixing the new Stoneburner record. Which is great, and out of that will come a ton of shows and touring and shirts and other stuff... eventually. But not today or tomorrow. Meaning I have to take away from the time I would spend painting or doing whatever in order to work on something that won't manifest for another six months at least.

And even when it does, there's never a guarantee that anything I make, art, music, whatever is going to sell. We live our lives in eternal "time debt," for lack of a better word. We can't get ahead, because without a massive influx of money there's no ahead to get to. Even with that hypothetical influx, there's no guarantee that anything we create during that time will resonate with anyone, and we will be back where we started.

I will never complain about the life we lead. We asked for this life, it's all we know how to do. And we have the honor of being the vehicles and words for people, some of whom feel like they have none. At the very least the things we make go out in the world and matter to people, entertain people, and sometimes even help.

With your help we can continue doing it. I don't want you take that the wrong way, we won't ever stop making the things we make, but realistically, work of the quality that we produce has to be done full time. I work from the moment I get up until I go to sleep, and I have zero real world skills, there are no jobs available for "fine artist," and as much as I would love to teach, without a masters degree, my only option would be teaching K-12, and I hate kids. I would be a very bad K-12 teacher. And in addition to my soul, it would consume all of the time I use for making things.

I recognize that the above is a lot to digest, but I wanted to make sure at least once I wrote up something explaining our choices and situation in detail.

If the things we have made over the last 20 years (or longer for some of you) has mattered or contributed to your life in anyway, please consider a monthly donation. Even $1 a month adds up.

Anyone who knows us at all, should know that we do not take things like this lightly, we will do our best to make your investment in us pay off. There are already some incentives in place to work towards, but as this keeps going we will both release as much free exclusive material to our patrons as we can.

We need you.
If you know someone who might be interested in what we do, please share it.

Below is a link to our patrieon account, and below that are links to other things we do, to provide context.

Thank you for taking time to read this.
-Steven Archer
Recent artwork
Ego Likeness our electronic rock band
The ::Hopeful Machines:: free music archive
My tribal electronica band Stoneburner
My children's book "Luna Maris,"
Donna's author page on Amazon