Saturday, February 05, 2011

Spring shows!

Feb 18-20th Wicked Faire! Ego Likeness plays at Friday night and Saturday Evening.
@ The Doubletree hotel in Somerset, NJ *We will be vending all weekend*

Dark Fest 2011

Ego Likeness (USA)
Attrition (UK)
Inertia (UK)
The Ludovico Technique (USA)

*Venue info soon*
April 6th Atlanta, GA
April 7th Savannah, GA
April 8th New Orleans, LA
April 9th Tulsa, OK
April 10th Nashville, TN
April 11th Chicago, IL or St. Louis, MO
April 12th Kansas City, MO
April 13th (TBA)
April 14th Pittsburgh, PA
April 15th (TBA)
April 16th New York City