Sunday, December 18, 2011

December 2011 News!

1. We are knee deep in the new album. It's going to rock you so hard it will change your species!

2. We are working on the final Compass EP, EAST.

3. Donna has a new novella called Driving Through the Desert which will be released by Thunderstorm Books in February 2012.

4. Donna's first novel, Isabel Burning (RDSP 2008), is being translated into German and will be re-published in Europe by Voodoo Press. Expect a late 2012 release.

5. We are playing New Years Eve in New York City with Brighter Fires (Andy Deane and Gopal Metro from Bella Morte)! Also with Dorian James, Whisper of the Sparrows, Ingrid & the Defectors and Mecanikill? at Uncle Mikes, 57 Murry Street, Tribeca, Manhattan