Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Ego Likeness Video Fundraiser!

Ego Likeness Video Fundraiser!

Over the summer we are planning on shooting videos for a couple tracks off the new album,
"New Legion" and "Crossed."
We are lucky enough to have access to some fancier tools, locations and crew than we have had in the past.
All of whom deserve to be paid what they are worth (even if some of them have graciously volunteered their skills for free.)

We are turning to you to help us make this happen. Towards this end, any art currently, or going up on etsy has been marked 25% off. We are also accepting donations via paypal which can be made to We would like to include anyone who participates in the credits of the video, please include your name or how you would like to be listed in the comments.

We would like to think that we have a history of creating quality art with zero budget. We are very proud of the songs on our new album and hope that with your help we can bring our vision of them into the world.

Thank you,