Wednesday, September 23, 2015

September 27th- October 4th NOLA/ Western Caribbean
The 2015 Gothic Cruise w Angels & Agony, Velvet Acid Christ, Ego Likeness, & Stoneburner

October 15th- October 19th Seattle, WA Stoneburner @ The Waking Persephone Festival

October 24th Philadelphia, PA Stoneburner at RDSP's Dog Con @ Philly MOCA

October 30th Philadelphia, PA THE DEAD MILKMEN w Ego Likeness/ Fight, Fuck, or Dance @ The Trocadero Theater

EGO LIKENESS/ Die Sektor/ The Rain Within

*w/o The Rain Within, *w Becoming the Devourer

October 31st Wilmington, DE @ Asylum 13 also w Angelspit's Noiseferatu & Mindless Faith
November 2nd Raleigh, NC @ Legends
November 4th Richmond, VA @ Fallout
November 5th Nashville, TN @ The East Room*
November 6th Columbus, OH @ The Shrunken Head*
November 7th St. Louis, MO @ Crack Fox*
November 9th Austin, TX @ Elysium
November 10th TBA
November 12th San Francisco, CA (line-up/ venue details soon...)
November 14th Seattle, WA @ Highline
November 15th Portland, OR @ Star Theater
November 17th Glendale, CA @ Complex
November 19th Salt Lake City, UT @ Area 51
November 20th Longmont, CO @ The Dickens Opera House
November 21st Tulsa, OK @ IDL Ballroom
November 23rd Chicago, IL @ Reggies
November 24th Cleveland, OH @ Fastbacks
November 25th Pittsburgh, PA @ TBA
November 26th New Haven, CT @ Café Nine
November 27th TBA
November 28th Washington, DC @ Spellbound
November 29th Albany NY @ TBA

December 31st TBA

more info soon...