Thursday, December 02, 2010

Help a kitten out... Weak of Heart, strong of paw...

Dear Internets...

Our beloved kat The Lady Czarina, Sophia, Batman, Von Beulo Esq. Is sick.She is only 4, but is having some major health issues.

Yesterday she collapsed, and was taken to the emergency vet near our house. She is suffering from heart failure and possibly pneumonia.

24 hours into this, and she is doing better then she was, but is by no means out of the woods.

This tiny animal is the pin around which our personal lives revolve.She is our child and our friend. And like any parent, we are willing to go into massive debt to give our child the best treatment.

Which comes with a price...About $1000 a day so far...

Please consider going to our etsy store:

**I will be uploading more work later today**

Or our online store:

**I will be adding a few esoteric and rare ego items today and tomorrow**

And buying something.

I am also making myself available for commissions. So if you want some larger work, drop me a line.

Should you feel like donating (all donations will receive something cool in the mail). Our paypal is egolikeness at egolikeness dot co

Her life may last 24 more hours, or 10 more years, thank you for helping us get the best care possible for her.

Feel free to spread this around.

Thank you very much,-Steven, Donna, Sophie and Jack Burton

Dear Little Grey Cat

We miss you more then you know

Your breath smells most foul´╗┐


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