Thursday, December 02, 2010

Donna's much more eloquent description of our Kat Sophie's situation.

Some of you may be familiar with the antics of our hairless cats, Jack Burton and Sophie.

Yesterday, Sophie suffered heart failure. It was sudden and terrifying. As horrible as it was to witness, I'm grateful I was there to see it, otherwise, we'd have lost her. She's four years old. I'm devastated.

She is currently in the care of some amazing people at the Animal Emergency Hospital in Bel Air. She spent the last 24 hours in an oxygen chamber and an incubator. Currently, THANKFULLY, she is out of the oxygen chamber and breathing on her own! She likely has heart disease, which will mean a long road ahead, but it's worth it. She may as well be my daughter. Some people won't understand this, and that's okay. But it's truly how I feel.

I hate asking for things. I really do. But if you were at all considering buying some art or anything from Steven for the holidays, I'm going to tell you now how much we'd appreciate it. The bills to save Sophie's life are already over $1000 and she's not yet out of the woods. You may or may not think we're nuts for going to these lengths, but I love this little creature with all my heart and I cannot -CANNOT, WILL NOT- let her die over money. Steven and I have and will continue to go into debt for this, regardless, and I won't regret a penny of it.

So, I thank you all for anything you can give- thoughts, prayers, money...whatever. We have a ton of art, books and music out you don't need to give something for nothing, but any help at all is appreciated more than you'd ever know.

You guys rock.

I love you.




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