Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year... to buy our shit....

We make many things...

Some of these things are available online for free... Such as...

The Sophie EP

Many many albums by Hopeful Machines

Our last album Breedless can be streamed directly from our website

You can also listen to Donna reading ,"Oded the Merciless," On Pseudopods website:

You can also buy things, which supports not just us, but the businesses who risk their money on the things we make.

Shirts, and Signed CD's are available directly from us

Artwork is available directly from us on Etsy

Our writing is available from Raw Dog Screaming Press and Imaginary Books

Daughters of Lilith:

Isabel Burning

Isabel Burning: for Kindle

Red King Black Rook:

Ladies and other Vicious Creatures:

Luna Maris:

Our Recent Album Breedless:

Breedless digitalL:

If you are in Europe, you can pick up Breedless from Dependent Records:

Physical copies of our previous albums can be found here:

We also have a ton o' shit available on Itunes, including the first two compass EP's

From all of us here at Ego Likeness inc....

Merry whatever, and a happy arbitrarily chosen new year!

-Steven/Donna/Sophie/Jack Burton/Mike Johnson/Rick


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